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The Neutralizer® AC anti-static blow off gun for Mechanic preparing a car for painting by protecting the edges Auto Body refinishing combines state-of-the-art static elimination technology with the efficiency and power of an air amplifier to produce a highly effective surface prep tool.

The Neutralizer® AC from NRD can be used at all stages of surface prep – before and after priming, painting and applying top coat.

By removing static charge, dust, fibers and airborne impurities will not stick to plastic, fiberglass, rubber or other painting surfaces. Using the Neutralizer® AC eliminates the need for anti-static sprays or chemicals. Along with its wide-area coverage, this means shorter prep times as well as lower labor and material costs.

The Neutralizer® AC is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery making it portable and convenient to use in any collision shop, painting booth or restoration project. It is equally well-suited for use on RVs, trucks and boats.

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